Bread Winner

A loaf of Vogels is stolen and a life is sent spiralling out of control. Bread Winner is a musical tale of heartbreak, revenge and deceit.

Winner of the 2015 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking Competition. Awarded Best Film and Best Script.

My filmmaking team Chess Club has been entering films into the competition since 2007. In a nutshell, teams are given just one weekend to create a short film from beginning to end. In 2013 we came second place in New Zealand for our Robot Comedy I Got Robots. In 2015 we won with Bread Winner.

We didn't know what genre we had to shoot until the start of the competition., and were unlucky enough to be given 'Musical.' Further rules stated we also had to include bread in our film as a prop, have a thoughtless character named Harper Harrison and have somebody say the line "oh, really?"

I took on the roles of Director, Co-Editor & Director of Photography.